How to Purchase a Premium Domain Name using Escrow

Today I am going to answer a question a lot of clients ask me, ''How do I securely pay for this domain name? ''. That's a  good question. Nobody wants to lose money in this day and age. And I congratulate you on  being prudent in this area. The best method online to buy a premium domain is through a licensed Escrow service.

When you are ready to pay for your desired domain name, I strongly advise you use a licensed escrow service to handle the transaction, at least to prevent fraud. A licensed escrow service, for example or which we only use at Anglo Domain, acts as a trusted third party by protecting  both the buyer and seller in a domain name transaction.

The job of this third party is to hold the funds for the transaction until the buyer and seller have reached an agreement. The escrow service only releases funds to the seller(and Broker) upon your confirmation that the domain is now in your possession.

Here's how an  Escrow works.