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CPU is an acroynm for ‘’Central Processing Unit’’ and it's a vital part of a computing device. It is the component of a computer that is responsible for interpreting and executing instructions from the software and hardware running on the computer. CPU is also widely known as the ‘brain of the computer,’ a rectangular chip hidden away in laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, servers, TVs etc. and plays a key role in their performance.

There are a lot of companies manufacturing CPUs  to handle our enormous tasks. Chief among them are Intel Corporation(Desktop), AMD Inc (Desktop), Nvidia Corporation(Desktop), Qualcomm (Mobile), Apple(mobile), ARM, VIA and Samsung.

The CPU market is quite a competitive one and there’s need for you as a chip maker to stand out from the competition by establishing yourself as a dominant player in your field. For that to happen you have to change consumers perception of your brand and make them confident in you. And that’s where our valuable domain comes in. This domain conveys a market leadership position. is a 27-year-old global three-letter. Com domain name. A category defining domain that enhances your credibility with consumers, drive profitable traffic to your website and positions you as a market leader.

A powerful sales and marketing tool to market your CPU-powered devices. It is one of the few domains on the web with natural high quality type-in traffic — -that is consumers type this domain directly into web browser to search for a CPU’s performance, pricing, or systems already using a new processor etc. in lieu of going to Google, etc. This domain is also SE0 and keyword rich, which is good for generating organic search traffic from Google, etc.. Does 1,500,000 Million monthly searches per month on Google and 14,100 average unique monthly visitors via direct type-in traffic mean anything to you?


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